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Oh NO! NEW YouTube TAX Changes in 2021!?! Yep … in this video, I explain YouTube tax and the new YouTube taxes change, starting as of June 1, 2021. Maybe you did not know that there is tax on YouTube income. It’s entirely possible, especially if you are one of millions of creators OUTSIDE of the United States. Many of my creator-clients had no idea about tax on youtube earnings. Yesterday, I met with a creator client who told me there was no tax on YouTube money. That’s wrong. There are taxes on YouTube money, and it’s only going to get WORSE. But I have a solution for you! Watch today’s video to learn the answers to: What are YouTube taxes? Why do I have to pay the US taxes on my YouTube money? And how do I enter my tax information into Ad Sense? At the end of this long YouTube tax update, you will be FULLY briefed on YouTube tax information.
🔴 Upcoming tax impact for creators outside of the U.S.:
🟠 U.S. tax requirements for YouTube earnings:
🟡 IRS Publication 515 (really boring):
🟢 Tax Treaty Tables:
0:00 Ian Corzine Lawyer Explains NEW YouTube TAX Changes 2021
0:37 What Are YouTube Taxes?
1:37 WARNING! Tax Info Required for ALL Monetizing Creators OUTSIDE of the United States
2:33 WHY Has YouTube Made These NEW YouTube TAX Changes 2021?
4:04 HOW NEW YouTube TAX Works
7:28 HOW Will I Be Taxed If I Have A YouTube Business?
8:17 Can I Deduct YouTube US Taxes From Taxes of My Home Country?
9:04 Does YouTube Withhold Taxes From My Ad Sense Revenue?
10:09 HOW Will I Be Taxed If I Have a YouTube Business Account
10:36 HOW Will I Be Taxed If I Have a YouTube Individual Account
11:35 How Do I Save Taxes on YouTube with Foreign Nation Tax Treaties?
12:25 IRS Publication 515
12:55 IRS Tax Treaty Tables
15:41 How To Submit YouTube Tax Information
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