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Lawyers advise and represent individuals, businesses, and government agencies on legal issues and disputes.
Lawyers are also known as attorneys.
Lawyers have several roles and responsibilities, including:

Advising and representing clients in court
Communicating with clients, colleagues, and judges.
Conducting research and analysis of legal problems
Interpreting laws, rulings, and regulations
Prepare and file legal documents, such as lawsuits, appeals, wills, contracts, and deeds.

In 1999, the Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded $90,360 as the average base salary.
By 2019, this average base salary increased to $145,300.
Wages grew by $54,940 (or $2,747 yearly) from 1999-2019.
The estimated 2020 average base salary would be $148,047.
Using the $2,747 as the yearly wage growth average, we can predict the average wage of lawyers over the next ten years.
By 2029, lawyers should see an average base salary of around $172,770.
In 2019, the wages of lawyers were vastly different, depending on the state.

There is quite a salary range depending on the state.
The lowest paying state, on average, pays lawyers $83,030, while the highest paying on average pay lawyers $192,180.
There is a $109,150 difference in average wages between the highest paying and the lowest paying state.

High paying states using 2019 salaries include:

DC: $192,180
California: $173,970
New York: $168,780
Massachusetts: $164,800
Illinois: $157,010
Connecticut: $154,610
Colorado: $150,630
Lowest paying states using 2019 salaries include:

Montana: $83,030
Arkansas: $94,000
Mississippi: $95,040
West Virginia: $102,040
Kentucky: $102,980
New Mexico: $103,290
Vermont: $104,790

The National Association of Law Placement has been tracking the starting salaries of lawyers since 2008.

The average starting salaries were $5,000 higher in 2009 than in 2019.
There is a $55,210 difference between the highest paying work environment and the lowest.

Here is how the 2019 pay breaks down by work environment:

Federal Government: $144,300
Legal Services: $123,620
Local Government: $95,870
State Government: $89,090

The job market for lawyers has grown over the past 20 years.
In 1999, there were 464,250 employed lawyers.
By 2019, there were 657,170 employed lawyers.
From 1999 – 2019, there was a growth of 192,920 employed lawyers (9,646 per year).
The total number of employed lawyers has grown by almost 50% in two decades.
The government is predicting a 4% growth in lawyers over the next ten years.
By 2029, they are predicting 689,470 employed lawyers.
For this occupation, there are job opportunities in every state.

The states with the most significant number of people seem to have the greatest number of employed lawyers.

The states with the most significant number of lawyers include:

California: 83,750
New York: 77,060
Florida: 47,900
Texas: 44,700
Illinois: 31,270
DC: 30,960
Pennsylvania: 24,840
The states with the lowest number of lawyers include:

Wyoming: 860
South Dakota: 880
North Dakota: 1,040
Alaska: 1,050
Vermont: 1,090
Rhode Island: 1,780
Maine: 1,910

I used to find the number of jobs opening for this occupation. has been rated the most popular search engine for job seekers by several sites.
Searching for “Lawyer” in the United States gave us 20,716 job openings across the United States.
There is one job opening on per 32 employed lawyers.

Lawyers work in a variety of work environments:
50% work in legal services
17% are self-employed
7% work for a local government
6% work for a state government
5% work for the federal government


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