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Tax laws for business owners, especially those who sell physical products, have CHANGED.

Tom Wheelwright, the person whose expertise I trust the most, came to speak at The Capitalism Conference after the new 2020 tax law went into effect.

Join The One Percent – Where Entrepreneurs Build Lasting Wealth

One of the biggest topics Amazon sellers specifically faced was how to navigate Amazon state taxes and take advantage of new rules around inventory and deductions.

Stay ahead of the curve on what to do with your taxes this year and how to take advantage of some changes that have taken place with the tax law. You could stand to lose, or gain, a small fortune.

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🤔 What Is 😃 empowers Capitalists to create change. A Capitalist is a visionary type of entrepreneur. While some feel entitled to what belongs to others, we take responsibility for solving problems that we did not create. Whether it’s a global crisis or just an empty bank account, we take ownership for creating change, and we are already hard at work.

We don’t post just our lifestyle on Instagram or succeed to look good to other people. A Capitalist doesn’t have to win at the expense of others; no, a Capitalist works with others to create new opportunities that didn’t exist before, and the byproduct is profit. That’s why we embrace being part of the One Percent, because we are willing to outwork and outserve the other 99.

We know that if you want to change the world, we must first change ourselves. It doesn’t happen overnight; it starts by serving others and doing the work day after day after day. If you want to create change, it starts with you. So while the world debates, we create. We take responsibility. We solve problems. We build businesses. We create opportunity. And we proudly produce profit.

They can judge us, debate us, even blame us and try to tax us, but without us, there would be no change. We are Capitalists, and we create change.

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