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Eviction – Property Management Tips on Eviction Process! In this video, we have a real estate attorney as a special guest to share his secret tips on how to handle the eviction process for property management. Whether you’re a landlord or a property manager, you’re going to deal with the eviction process eventually. Learn how to legally & ethically evict a tenant… Unfortunately, we sometimes run across bad tenants who won’t pay their rent or they violate the terms of their lease. In this clip out of our Automated Landlording Podcast, you’ll learn how to remove a bad tenant from your property as part of the property management process. Enjoy!

FULL Episode of the Landlording Automated Podcast:

Our Guest Eviction Attorney: Bob Floss II, Attorney

Evicting a bad tenant is not fun for both the landlord and a tenant. It’s something that landlords, unfortunately, have to deal with when it comes to our property management process. However, there IS a way of handling the eviction process ethically, legally, and stress-free. Each state has its own landlord-tenant laws as well as some cities like Chicago, NYC, and even Los Angeles.

The key to your landlord’s success is to have an airtight property management process. One of the biggest property management tips in removing a bad tenant is to stay calm and never let your emotions take over. You can easily let your emotions take over if your tenant is obviously expressing their anger and frustration. But in any property management process, you must stay calm and make certain decisions ahead time with a policy. Same thing with removing a bad tenant or the eviction process. You must have a policy in place that you created BEFORE you go through an eviction process with a bad tenant.

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